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At our website or directly contacting the hostel: + 34 944 256 586

When making a reservation, we will ask you for at least your name, surname, phone number, email and the details of a valid credit or debit card.

We have two kinds of fares, flexible and non-refundable.

Flexible: When confirming the reservation, we will charge you as deposit 15% of the total price of the reservation. This deposit is non-refundable. The rest of the amount will be paid upon arrival. If you do not cancel according to the conditions of the booking confirmation, you will be charged the first night only (discounting the 15% of the deposit).

Non-refundable: Our most economical fare, but subject to a prepayment policy of the total price of the booking, when making the reservation. No refund is possible if cancelling or modifying.

Check the conditions of your reservation before the confirmation, but if you forget it, do not worry, we will send you shortly a confirmation e-mail with all the conditions for you to save it and check whenever you like.

Normally we have two kind of fares: Flexible and Non-Refundable, being also possible to find fares with special discounts and different conditions, in which case it will be properly indicated.

Flexible: When confirming the reservation, we will charge you as deposit 15% of the total price of the reservation. This deposit is non-refundable and the rest of the amount will be paid upon arrival. In case of not showing up the day of arrival, it will be considered as no-show and you will be charged the first night (discounting 15% of the deposit) and the rest of the reservation will be cancelled.

Non-refundable: discounted fare subject to a prepayment policy and 100% cancellation fee when making the reservation. There is no refund if cancelling or modifying the booking. At the Hostel, we cannot assess the reasons for the cancellation so there will be no exceptions to this policy…

For making the reservation and doing the first payment we will require your credit or debit card details and your authorization of the payment. In case of a partial payment, the remaining amount would have to be paid in cash or with card upon arrival at the Hostel.

Yes, all published prices include the VAT and there are no other applicable fees.

Unless it is explicitly expressed, prices do not include any kind of breakfast, meal or additional service to the one described in the reservation.

But do not worry, you will not starve because we offer you two kind of breakfasts in our bar at special prices or if you prefer, you can also prepare your own breakfast in our guests’ kitchen where you can use our microwaves and store your food and drinks in the fridges (always labeling them with your name, room and departure date).

You can only stay in a private room with a legal tutor.

Bed sheets are included in all reservations, It is completely forbidden to sleep on the mattress without sheets.

If you need a towel, you can rent one at the reception for 2,5 €. Double, triple and family rooms are equipped with towels free of charge.

Most of our rooms, Premium, Deluxe, Only Girls, Double, Triple and Family rooms have private bathrooms.

On the ground floor there are shared toilets and showers to be used by the guests staying in the Pilgrim Room located just next to them or by other guests.

The reception of Poshtel Bilbao is open 24 hours, we will assist you anytime.

Check-in starts at 14:00 H. If you arrive earlier and the room is available, you could do it before. If not, we can store your luggage until it is ready so that you can move around Bilbao with no hassle.

The latest time to leave the room and do the check-out is 11:00h. If you wish to stay until later you can ask our front desk staff and if it is possible we will inform you about the conditions.

Leaving the room later than 11:00h without permission of the Hostel, has a penalty fee of 10€ per hour.

We can’t guarantee your preference but please let us know when making your booking and we will try to satisfy your request.

If you didn’t book a whole room, we cannot guarantee your request but let us know all the names of the group members and we will try to fit you in together.

Of Course! Ask for our pet friendly policies.

You can leave your bags with us if you arrive early or if you are leaving late, so that you don’t have to be carrying them around while you visit the city.

During your stay, you must keep your belongings inside your locker in your room, you must bring your own padlock, if you forgot it we can sell you one at the reception.

Of course, all the common areas are adapted for easy access and also, we have adapted rooms for a greater comfort, Please if you have any questions or needs in this respect, let us know in your email so that we can make your stay better.

Of course, we are a “Smart- Hostel” and therefore we want you to have the fastest access to your world, you can enjoy our high internet connection either with your own devices or with our computers, and of course totally free!

We do have a kitchen where you can use our microwaves or fridges, we do want everyone to have a pleasant stay so please comply with basic rules of hygiene and order. Also if you wish to store food or non-alcoholic drinks in the fridge label them properly with your name, room and departure date, to avoid misunderstandings.

There is a washing machine and a dryer in the bottom floor, please ask our staff about prices and terms of use.

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