Términos y Condiciones


1.1. Bookings may be requested through the website www.poshtelbilbao.com or directly to the hostel.

1.2. When making a booking request, you will be asked for the next personal information: Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and a valid credit/debit card accepted by Poshtel Bilbao.

1.3. The reservation request does not imply its acceptance until Poshtel Bilbao sends a confirmation, included a reservation number and a summary of booked services. From this moment, the contract between both parts (Poshtel Bilbao and costumer) is standing.

1.4. Changes and cancelations will be available only according to the policy determined at the time of booking (point 3). All changes will be subject to availability and will require its acceptance by Poshtel Bilbao, also to possible changes in conditions and rates in case of modifying dates or number of services/ beds booked.


2.1. The amount and moment of the payments are established in the moment when the booking is made. (see point 2,4)

2.2. These payments will include at least the accommodation. In case of booking another service (breakfast, towels rent, etc.) the final payment will include this services.

2.3. These payments do not limit the charges that could be produced by services or expenses hired after the arrival, those must be payed directly by the client when demanded. The guest will be informed about the prices and/or expenses of said services before acquiring them.

2.4. There are several rate types, “Flexible”: Once the booking is confirmed, 15% of the total amount of the booking will be charged as a deposit. The rest of the amount will be payed when Checking-in at the Hostel, cash or credit/debit cards are accepted.

In case of no show, the first night of the stay will be charged on the credit card (excluding the 15% already payed as a deposit), canceling the rest of the reservation.

Non-refundable: This rate has a greater discount but it is subject to a different prepayment policy, when the booking is confirmed 100% of the reservation will be charged on the credit card, which is the mandatory payment form. This amount of money is not refundable, in case of cancellation or modification there will be no refund.

2.5. In case of payments that do not reach 100% of the booking services, the outstanding debt will be payed upon the guest´s check-in at the Hostel.

2.6. Incurring expenses or contracting additional services, will be payed at the time of the service, and never after the check- out of the Hostel.

2.7. Types of payment accepted:

2.7.1. Credit or debit card.

2.7.2. Cash. Both for payment via web and in the Hostel, itself.

Cards accepted: Visa-MasterCard

Valid for payments in the Hostel of the outstanding services. The payments done via credit card wont be refundable.


3.1. All cancellations must be sent via email to our Hostel before 11 a.m. local time, the day before the arrival.

3.2. When the fare is of the “Flexible” kind, and according to the terms and conditions of the booking and also to the ones in the previous point, we will refund the deposit that was charged.

3.3. If the fare is non-refundable, there is not possibility of making a refund, the cancellation time or the reason of it, will not be taking into consideration.

3.4. When a costumer cancels it´s booking after the time specified on the point 3.1, or if there is no previous notice and he or she doesn’t show up, it will be considered a no-show and we will proceed to charge one night and to cancel the rest of booking.

3.5. Poshtel Bilbao can cancel any booking when the credit or debit card provided is not valid for the charge of the price, unless there is a valid alternative payment method provided at the moment of the booking.

3.6. Poshtel Bilbao can cancel any booking if there are causes of force majeur, in this cases we will proceed to refund the total amount of the payments.


4.1. Check in will be possible from 14:00 p.m. onwards, if you arrive before then, ask us if your room is available and if there is no problem, the staff can let you access it before that time, this is not mandatory so it will depend on availability.

4.2. Check out must be at 11 p.m. as the latest, if you wish to leave your room after that time, ask our staff if a late check out is possible, this will have an extra charge and must be communicated to our staff beforehand, it is only possible if there is availability and you must have our express consent.


5.1. Food and beverages brought to the Hostel can only be consumed and stored in the common kitchen.

5.2. Eating or drinking in the rooms is not allowed, neither food or beverages bought outside nor at the Hostel (bar, restaurant)


6.1. To book any room costumers must provide a valid debit or credit card with which possible extra expenses can be payed during your time here with us.

6.2. To do your check in you must provide us with a valid ID card (if you are a EU citizen) or passport.

6.3. Minors can’t share a room, they can only stay in private rooms if they are traveling with a legal responsible tutor.

6.4. In our Hostel, you must observe basic rules of behavior, you must act in a responsible and correct way, avoiding to disturb or damage other travelers or their belongings, our staff or our installations and mobiliary. We have the right to refuse to host or to give any service, to customers who do not observe this basic rules, we can also invite undesirable guests to leave our establishment, to our Hostel discretion if it is absolutely necessary. Any kind of actions that disturb the peace and wellbeing in our Hostel can be punished with being expelled, being the customer still responsible for paying all hired services plus any extra expenses they may incur into.

6.5. Smoking is forbidden in every part of the Hostel, except in designated areas, if there are any.

6.6. If a guest causes any damage to our installations, he or she will be responsible for the cost of the cleaning, repair or replacing them and also of possible inconveniences caused to our staff or our guests, in the case of a minor, the designated responsible adult will be responsible instead.

6.7. Guests can only use the bed that has been booked for them. If you wish to change it you must let us know beforehand.

6.8. Every bed has its corresponding locker, guests are responsible for keeping their items in it and for locking it properly with a padlock. We are not responsible for any missing object or if items are stolen from the room or from the locker, either in the rest of the Hostel.

6.9. Every person must make their own bed, sleeping directly on top of the mattress is absolutely forbidden and it is penalized with a charge due to the cleaning of it.

6.10. Poshtel is not responsible or will pay any compensation if we can’t give a certain service or do it in the proper way, if it is due to a “force majeur”. Such are any circumstances that the hostel or any other provider can’t foresee or avoid, including but not restrained to: laboral conflicts, natural disasters, fires, floods, war or threat of it, as also any other similar situations beyond our control or will.

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